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Softball for the 21st Century? ISA is the answer. While other major softball associations are experiencing declines in adult team registration, the ISA is experiencing phenomenal growth.

Why? Easy – the ISA from its owner W.E. Ruth of Kent, Washington, Executive Director Don Stratton, and all state and area directors preach one doctrine “The Teams come first.”

The ISA listens to its participants and attempts to incorporate new and exciting concepts. Stealing in slow-pitch, the base-burglar, the pitcher’s box and realistic home-run controls are just a few of the innovations.

But, before we get to far ahead and tell where we are going, let’s tell you where we have been. The ISA was found in 1984 in Shelbyville, Tennessee, by Larry Nash. It is one of the four major governing bodies of amateur softball in America, along with ASA, NSA and USSSA.

We organize, sanction and govern competitive participation in various formats and classifications through league and tournament play.  ISA’s popularity has grown steadily throughout its 27 year history, with current registrations in excess of 18,000 teams, 4,000 umpires and a network in excess of 350 directors.

ISA was the originator of the rule that permits stealing in slow-pitch, once the ball hits the ground or crosses home plate. This rule adds defense as an important factor and creates some balance to a predominately offensive game. Various homerun rules, including an inning ending out in men’s class “B” and below, governs competition levels and adds balance throughout the various classifications.  Our program incorporates participation in girls Youth Fast-pitch, Men’s Modified Fast-pitch and Slow-Pitch in all age groups and competition levels.  The ISA umpire program is second to none. Our stringent training and selection process adds up to a quality umpire on the field of play.

Insurance is no problem with the ISA. Chappell Insurance, the largest underwriter of sports, leisure and entertainment insurance in the United States, provides our coverage with an insurance value that is second to none.  Our additional named field owner policy offers a full season of coverage and offers a $2,000,000 liability limit per occurrence. There is no aggregate policy limit. This is important because the policy will respond to any number of claims during a single year.  Individual team insurance providing valuable protection for players, managers, coaches, team sponsors and auxiliaries of the team is also available. Coverage is available with $50,000 accident insurance with a $250 deductible and $2,000,000 liability insurance.  As you can see w4e have covered all the bases. But, we are not finished yet, we’re just getting started.

Don’t miss the golden opportunity to join the most progressive association in softball. While others are content to rest on their laurels we readily admit our best days are still ahead.  Softball for the 21st Century?  You bet. The United States, Canada and Mexico have already experienced ISA play and we are growing daily. You would be a welcome addition to our program and I am sure you will be glad you picked ISA.