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Bumped Players

The following players/teams listed below have been bumped to a higher class.  Any team with three or more of the players listed below, will automatically be placed in the class above or higher.  

Bumped from Class D to Class C for the 2014 Season - Effective as of 1/1/14:


Tampa Reebok
Allen Henry
Mike Manley
Kenneth "Kenny" Gault
Andres Ramirez
Gary Welch
Anthony DeJesus
Marcus DeVries
Matt Ferguson
Curtiss Wilson
Chaz Abeln
Evlys Gutierrez
Ray DeJesus
Zach Herring
Colt Williams
Seth Abeln


Bumped from Class E to D for the 2014 season - Effective 1/1/14:


Honey Badgers
Kelly Slater
Ras Slater
Craig Shaw
Chance Smith
Stephen Roberts
Josh Mitchum
Frankie Longello
Rocky Threatt
Kyle Lunsford
Dex Badgett
Tony Gaston
Justin Lindsey
Greg Morillo
Tommy Hotchkiss
Eric Patten