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Ricky Huggins



Ricky Huggins of Pooler, GA was inducted in 2005 in Lake Mary, FL in the Player Category.
In a career that dates back to 1977 Huggins has played in ISA events with Howard's Western Steer of Denver, NC; Steele's Sports of Grafton, OH; Lighthouse/Worth of Stone Mountain, GA; Vernon's from Jacksonville, FL; M.W. Tribble/Union Savings Bank of Cincinnati, OH; and Sunbelt Plastics of Centerville, GA.
In 1987 while hitting 565 home runs for the season, Huggins won his first ISA National Championship with Steele's Sports. He added his second Super Title in 1998 with Lighthouse. He also won 2 Call "A" Championships with M.W. Tribble/Union Savings Bank.
The Georgian has been named to 7 ISA National All Tournament Teams, was the MVP of the 1990 ISA Class "A" (4A) National Tournament and the 1996 ISA Master's 40 & Over World Tournament. In 1993 he won the batting title at the Super Major World Series and in 1998 he was the Home Run Champion at the Class "A" Winter Nationals.
Ricky and his wife Gale have 3 children, Ryne, Rusty, and Robin and are proud grandparents of 3 grandchildren.

Ricky Huggins

Ricky Huggins of Pooler, GA was inducted in 2005 in Lake Mary, FL in the Player Category.
In a career that dates back to 1977 Huggins has played in ISA events with Howard's Western Steer of Denver, NC; Steele's Sports of Grafton, OH; Lighthouse/Worth of Stone Mountain, GA; Vernon's from Jacksonville, FL; M.W. Tribble/Union Savings Bank of Cincinnati, OH; and Sunbelt Plastics of Centerville, GA.
In 1987 while hitting 565 home runs for the season, Huggins won his first ISA National Championship with Steele's Sports. He added his second Super Title in 1998 with Lighthouse. He also won 2 Call "A" Championships with M.W. Tribble/Union Savings Bank.
The Georgian has been named to 7 ISA National All Tournament Teams, was the MVP of the 1990 ISA Class "A" (4A) National Tournament and the 1996 ISA Master's 40 & Over World Tournament. In 1993 he won the batting title at the Super Major World Series and in 1998 he was the Home Run Champion at the Class "A" Winter Nationals.
Ricky and his wife Gale have 3 children, Ryne, Rusty, and Robin and are proud grandparents of 3 grandchildren.


Todd Joerling

Todd Joerling of Defiance, MO was nominated to the ISA Hall of Fame in the Players Category.
One of the most decorated players in the annals of ISA history, Joerling has played on 4 Super World Series Championship teams and 4 Runners Up teams.
In 1997 he led Sunbelt/Dan Smith/Easton of Centerville, GA to the crown with a .690 batting average and led the tournament in home runs with 8 as the series MVP. He added his second series MCO in 2002 leading Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse/Easton of San Jose, GA to the Championship in Easley, SC.
Joerling also won titles in 1990 with the Steele's Silver Bullets of Grafton, OH and 1999 with Team Waston of Burlingame, GA in Winter Haven, FL where he was the Outstanding Offensive Player Award recipient.
The man from Missouri was named to Super World Series teams in 1989, 1990, 1991, 1994, 1994, 1997, 1999, 2002, and 2003. He was also selected to the ISA Hall of Famer Jerome Earnest's Supreme Softball Team of the 90's at shortstop.
Besides the above mentioned teams Joerling has also played with Lighthouse/Sunbelt/Worth and Bell Copr. of Tampa, FL and Bell Corp/Sunbelt/Easton.
Todd and his wife Brandee have 2 children Draby and Trevor.


Cecil Whitehead

Cecil Whitehead of Valdosta, GA has been nominated to the ISA Hall of Fame in the Players Category. A three sport star at Valdosta High, Whitehead was a NCAA Division II Baseball All-American in 1977 and 1978 at Valdosta State University. A second round draft pick of the Baltimore Orioles, he played three years of professional baseball.
Whitehead played in 11 ISA Superior World Series. His Smythe Sox team from Houston, TX were Co-Champs with Howards in 86. He was named the Series MVP in 1988 while leading Howards Western Steer of Denver, NC to the crown. Cecil was also a member of the ISA dominating Ritch's Superior team that won 5 straight series from 1991 - 1995. He was on the series runner up in 1984 and 1085 teams with  Elite Coastings of Gordon, GA, 1987 with Smythe Sox and 1990 with Ritch's-Krks of Harrisburg, NC.
Whitehead was named to the 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992, and 1993 All World Series teams. He also was named to Jerome Earnest Softball USA in 1980 and 1990 team of the decade plus second time on the team of the Century.


N.C. Ryals

One of the most respected and loved figures in slow pitch softball, N.C. and his W.W. Gay team were fixtures at ISA state of Florida and National events. His teams have appeared in 15 ISA World Tournaments, numerous ISA Winter National and N.I.T.'s. His squad won the Men's Class "B" World Tournament in 1997 and finished second at the 1998 Men's Class "A" World Tournament. In one of his last ISA appearances Ryal's W.W. Gay/Aubrey's/TPS team participated in the 2002 Super World Series in Easley, SC.
On October 11th the 77 year old Ryals suddenly passed away while working a 24 hour shift at the expansion of Ben Hill Griffen Stadium at the University of Florida in Gainesville. The lone time Gator supporter and softball icon sat down for a rest after working 16 hours and left for the "promise land."
There is now a Florida Gator Statue with a N.C. Ryals hardhat at the stadium site.


Dave Neale Sr.

Dave Neale, Sr. of Cleveland, OH was elected into the ISA Hall of Fame in the Manager's Category in 2008. The legendary sponsor-manager of the famous Steele's Sports from Ohio was an early and strong supporter of the ISA Program.
His team played in the first ISA Super World Series and helped ISA founder Larry Nash by playing exhibition games in the birthplace of ISA, Shelbyville, TN. Steele's was also a major benefactor to Nash providing many tournament sponsorships.
Neale guided his teams in 14 World Series. He won in 1987 and 1990 and finished second in 1988, 1992, and 1993. To date every person inducted to the ISA Hall of Fame in the Player Category played for Dave Neale, Sr.


Don Stratton

Don Stratton of Bartow, FL was inducted into the Director's Category in 2001 in Ft. Myers, FL/ Stratton first became associated with the ISA program as a player. He has also been a coach and a sponsor.
In 1987 he became a director and has served as an Area Director, Assistant State Director and State Director, In October 2007, Don was named the new CEO of ISA by owner Bill Ruth.
His ISA career has seen Stratton cover all the bases as he has directed the Men's Super World Series, Men's Class A-E World Tournaments, 4 Youth World's and 14 Winter Nationals. He was named ISA Director of the year in 1995, 1996, and in 1997 received the Executive Director's Award.
Don and his wife Mary are the proud parents of 2 children and 9 grandchildren.


Hank Heffner

Hank Heffner of Cornelia, Georgia was inducted in the Director Category in 2004 in Ft Myers, FL.
The adult athletic director for the City of Gainesville, Heffner has been the guiding force of the Associations phenomenal growth in the Peach State. Georgia has ranked either first or second in team registrations since1995.
Heffner began his ISA career in 1991 as an Area Director and was promoted to State Director in 1995. In 1997 he was appointed to serve as the Southern Region Vice President on the ISA Executive Board.
Hank has been the tournament director for 33 World Tournaments and 5 ISA Super World Series. He also assisted in running the ISA Fall World Series in Las Vegas and 2 Senior World Tournaments. He was presented the ISA Outstanding Achievement Award in 1995, the Director of the Year Award in 1995 and the Executive Director's Award in 1998. Hank and his wife Debbie have 2 sons, Chris and Drew along with 3 grandchildren.


Chet Tyl

Chet Tyl of Winter Haven, FL was inducted into the ISA Hall of Fame in December, 2005 in Lake Mary, FL in the Director's Category.
A former player Tyl began directing tournaments in his early 20's. In 1995 he joined ISA as the Northern Region Vice President and Michigan State Director. One year later he was promoted to CEO/Executive Director and moved the ISA National Headquarters to Winter Haven, FL.
Under Tyl's guidance the Association prospered and reached magnitudes few envisioned possible. He resides with his wife Jane and has 2 children Patrick and Holly Wrathell. He is the proud grandfather of 3.


Larry Nash

Larry Nash of Shelbyville, TN received the distinction of being the first person  elected and inducted into the ISA Hall of Fame in 1998 in Clearwater, FL. He started the ISA in 1982 with an idea, no money and a lot of determination. After two years of research, organizing, and assuring that all details were covered, the ISA became a reality in 1984 with 30 tournaments and over 400 teams sanctioned.
Nash single handedly guided the association through its formative years before selling control to a group headed by the current president of the Independent Softball Association, Inc, W.E. Ruth.


Jerome Earnest

Jerome Earnest of Panama City, FL was posthumously inducted into the ISA Hall of Fame in the Specialty Category in 2000 in Panama City Beach, Florida. Known as Softball's Greatest Sportswriter, Earnest was the publisher of The Supreme Softball News at the time of his death in April of 2000.
His remarkable knowledge of softball all stored in his head was a cornucopia of the game. To say he was one of a kind would be an understatement.
Earnest's assistance in the growth of the ISA is unchronicled yet he played an important part. He coined the term "The Grand Slam of Softball" that promoted the ISA World Series on par with the other three major associations. His extensive coverage of the ISA Winter Nationals helped spur their growth and make the term "Winter National" a well known phrase in softball. So much so that other associations soon copied the original series started by ISA.
Earnest served as the official scorer at the 1997 thru 1999 Men's Super World Series and helped make the all tournament selections. The MVP award of that tournament is now named after him.
In addition to Supreme Softball, Earnest previously served as the sports editor of the Panama City News Herald, and editor of Super Slowpitch, National Slo-Pitch Softball Insight Magazine and Softball USA.


Billy Powell

Billy Powell of Nashville, TN was inducted into the ISA Hall of Fame in the Specialty Category in 2000 in Panama City Beach, Florida.
A charter member of the association, Powell is fond of saying "Larry (Larry Nash, founder of ISA) started out in Florida and I joined on Monday."
Known as Nash's right hand man, Powell traveled the country promoting ISA. In the early days of the association, he could be found at most national events serving as an umpire, director or in whatever capacity he was needed.
The "Jack of All Trades" is now retired and resides with his wife Martha.


Bill Ruth

ISA President Bill Ruth of Kent, WA was inducted into the ISA Hall of Fame in December, 2005 in Lake Mary, Florida.
A long time player and sponsor, Ruth along with two partners purchased ISA in 1995. In 1996 Ruth bought out his partners resulting in the February 1997 move of the National Headquarters to Winter Haven, FL.
The Association has prospered under Ruth's ownership and is recognized as one of the most progressive groups in softball.
Bill also has an ownership stake in Senior Softball USA. He resides with his wife Susan on his ranch in the Seattle area.


Russell Burney

Russell Burney of Bartow, FL has been elected into the ISA Hall of Fame in the Umpire Category.
The 47 year old Burney started with ISA in 1998. He established the Polk County Umpires Association and scheduled league umpires for the Auburndale Softball Complex, Winter Haven DiamondPlex, Loyce Harpe Park (Carter Road), and the City of Bartow.
Russell was one of the elite umpires that ISA founder Larry Nash called upon to travel the country helping establish ISA.
Burney has worked numerous area, state, NIT's and World Tournaments on the field and as the tournament UIC (umpire-in-chief).
He was inducted into the Florida ISA Hall of Fame in 1999. He was also presented the ISA Director of the Year award that year at the National Convention in Daytona Beach, Florida.
He now works with his new UIC Nancy Dillon and serves as the Polk County Director.
Burney lives with his wife Denise and children Steven and Natalie.


Brian "BA" Arnold

Brian, known in the softball world as "BA" lives in Winter Haven, Florida with his wife Angie and daughter Kaylie. BA once played on Bagley Bait that was once coached by the ISA CEO Don Stratton.
BA has won 1 Major World Championship, 3 AA World Championships, 5 A World Championships, 3 B World Championships, 2 Winter National World Championships and 4 Masters 40+ World Tournaments.
BA has won 5 All World MVP's and has also been named to the All World Tournament Team 10 times.


Jerry Guidice

Jerry Guidice has been involved with ISA for over 22 years. He was introduced as a player in 1986 playing in many National and World tournaments throughout his playing career. In 2003, Jerry was awarded the Golden Glove Award after his team "MaxBats" claimed the Championship in the World Tournament.
Jerry started umpiring for ISA in 1991. He was appointed to be Florida's UIC in 1996, the Southern Region UIC in 1997, and the National UIC in 1998 and has served that position through 2008. Combined, Jerry has been the acting UIC in 55 National and World Tournaments.
Jerry resides in St. Petersburg, Florida with his wife Kris and three kids, Michael, Cheyanne, and Caitlyn. In his local community, he is heavily involved in youth leagues and is an acting coach, umpire, and board member.


Eddie Holcomb

In 2008, Eddie Holcomb was inducted into the ISA Hall of Fame in Ft. Myers, Florida. Eddie has been with ISA since 1995 as the Georgia State Director. He has been an advocate for ISA for the past 12 years as well as being Chairmen of numerous committees at the National Convention. He has also directed over twenty National and World Tournament.
Eddie is responsible for setting up the ISA National Sanctioning System and played a key role in the reconstruction of the old and the new ISA.
Eddie has been involved in softball for over twenty years and has been an innovator of many of the rules ISA now plays such as the 3-3 count.

Eddie and his wife Beverly have 2 sons, Eddie Jr and Brian. They live in Hiram, Georgia and still host the three largest tournaments in the state, The Polar Bear, Shriners, and Stars and Stripes. The 3 tournaments are a "don't miss" for all Georgia Teams.


Mark Jackson

Mr. Jackson is the Director of Central Florida's Tourism and Sports Marketing (CFTSM), an initiative of the Central Florida Development Council (CFDC) and Polk County Board of County Commissioners, an award winning program that promotes tourism, sports and economic development in Central Florida's Polk County.
Mr. Jackson brings more that 29 years of marketing, sales management and tourism experience to his position. During his time with CFTSM, Mr. Jackson's most notable accomplishments include: developing the Lake Myrtle Sports Business Cluster; merging the CVB and Sports Marketing offices; creating Florida's most honored sports commission; and developing the organization's first visitor's center - Polk Outpost 27. He also recruited several sports governing bodies to Polk County including: the Florida Youth Soccer Association, Florida Sports Hall of Fame, Cleveland Indians, Independent Softball Association and the Futures Gold Tour headquarters. Prior to his tenure with the CFDC he served as Director of Marketing for a United States Olympic Committee national governing body, USA Water Ski. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Florida Sports Hall of Fame; Southeast Tourism Society; Florida Association of Convention and Visitors Bureaus; and is the President of the Florida Grapefruit Association (Major League Baseball Spring Training).
Mr. Jackson graduated with a B.S. from the University of Wisconsin and received his MBA from Florida Southern College. He has also served as an adjunct professor of economics at Polk State College in Winter Haven, Florida. In addition to his academic and professional activities, Mr. Jackson was a professional athlete in two sports, snow skiing and water skiing, and was also part of the world famous Cypress Gardens water ski show for a number of years. He has also worked as a color commentator since 1988 and has been featured on broadcasts airing on ESPN, ESPN2, Outdoor Life Network, Sun Sports Network, Water Channel, Versus, Bright House Sports Network and various nationally syndicated shows.


Floyd "Pop" Davis

Pop Davis, a resident of Dundee, Florida has been involved with ISA for over 2 decades. During that time, Pop remained loyal to ISA. Along side, Don Stratton, current CEO of ISA, Pop has worn many different hats, doing anything and everything from running concessions to umpiring. If you have ever been to an ISA tournament in Florida, chances are that Pop was there doing whatever he could to help the tournament run smoothly. Pop has managed to become an icon in Florida ISA. Everyone knows Pop. He has been at all of the major events, without fail, sitting at the game collecting gate fees and helping out wherever he can. Pop is and has truly been a major asset to ISA and Florida ISA over the years.
Pop has since retired from years of umpiring with ISA but remains a helper at all of the events in Florida. To this day, Pop remains loyal to ISA, Don Stratton, and to the sport of Softball.
Pop is currently residing in central Florida with his family and friends.


Craig Elliot

Craig Elliot is considered one of the greatest players in slow pitch softball history by a lot of people, and there are many reasons to why they feel this way. He compiled statistics that made many people shake their head in amazement. Craig was part of the great Steele's team that won a number of ISA Major World Series titles. He once hit 9 home runs in a row; because of this the other teams decided to walk him the rest of the tournament. He was a member of the ISA National All-Tournament Team that same year.
Craid is also one of two players that were selected MVP of the prestigious Smoly Mountain Classic. Mike Macenko said the first time he saw Craig Elliot play he said to himself that was who he wanted to be like. You could put a quarter in him, and he would hit home runs all day long. Back in the 1980's when softball was at its finest hour any team that had Craig Elliott on their roster knew they had a tremendous chance of winning a National Championship. He was that good!


Richard Sanders

Richard Sanders Hall of Fame Bio will be added to this page shortly...............................



Roger Tabor

Roger has been involved with ISA for over 15 years and has always felt that ISA is an organization that truly puts its players, sponsors, and managers first and foremost. Roger started playing ISA softball sometime in the 80's when ISA's CEO, Don Stratton began hosting tournaments in the Auburndale and Bartow, Florida area. Starting with a small church team and progressing through the ranks of ISA, Roger competed as a player, manager, and sponsor in every level offered by ISA. Roger participated in 20 ISA World Championship touanements and claimed the title in the Church A, Class A, 40+, and AA divisions. Roger was also awarded the Class AA Manager of the Year, the Class A World Championship Manager of the Year and to 3 All Tournament Teams.
Perhaps his greatest accomplishment as a manager came in 2002 when he took what some considered the best Call A softball team ever assembled, the Florida Heat/Nave Plumbing/Joe Blacks/Worth team, and won the ISA Class A and Class AA World Championship in the same year. Above all, Roger is most proud of the fact that along with his partners and co-owners of Nave Plumbing, Inc. Al Nave, Chuck Nave, and Curtis Nave, they have been sponsors of his softball team since 1970 and continue to do so. Roger now resides in Sanibel, Florida with his wife.


Rick Scherr

Rick "The Crusher" Scherr was a powerful hitter who hit tape measure home runs. Nicknamed "The Crusher," that's what Scherr did to softballs during an almost 20 year career, hitting more that 4,000 homers and driving in more than 7,000 runs. He was named to 25 All American teams during his illustrious career. He was named MVP in 5 Major World Series.
Rick was named the Player of the Decade for the 1980's by Jerome Earnest. Scherr appeared in the U.S. Olympic Festival slow pitch competition in Oklahoma City and batted .720, hitting 13 homers and driving in 30 runs to help the North team win a bronze medal. That year he also was MVP of the prestigious Smokey Mountain Classic in Maryville, TN. Twice Scherr set national home run records, 356 in 1082 and 451 in 1985. Scheer was  born and raised in Slinger, WI and weighed in excess of 280 lbs, standing 6'5 tall. In 1989 playing for Superior Apollo he hit two home runs in a row that landed in the top of the bleachers in left field at the infamous Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha, Nebraska where the College World Series is played. When it comes to slo pitch softball, there was no better player than Rick Scherr.

rick sherr

Woddy Bell

When you think of Woody Bell, you immediately think of the great Bell Corp. teams of the past two and a half decades who won the Men's Major World Series and the ISA Super World Series in 1989.
Woody has said that softball is the great sport in America today. He most enjoys seeing two evenly matched teams playing, where defense, not offense becomes the deciding factor in the game.
He has always insisted that his team members were gentlemen on the field - No bad language, no arguing with umpires, and never ignore the old fans or the young ones. His dedication to the sport has led him to sponsor as many as four teams in a season and to travel to 142 consecutive tournaments.

woody bell

Jim Simoens

 Jim Simoens of Winter Haven, Florida joined ISA in 1993 as the Director of the Twilight Girls Fastpitch Tournaments. Shortly thereafter, Jim became a full time Director for Florida ISA Fastpitch. After 9 years of directing for Florida ISA, Jim was named the Florida ISA Fastpitch State Director in 2005 and has held the position ever since. He has been involved in over 25 Youth World Series Tournaments and Winter Nationals with roles ranging from a Site Director, Tournament Director, and Bracktologist.
Jim was inducted into the Florida ISA Hall of Fame in 2007. He has also received awards for the ISA Youth Fastpitch Director of the Year in 2009, Southern Regional Fastpitch Director of the Year in 2008, and Director of the Year in 2004.
Today is still heading up Florida ISA Fastpitch Tournaments year round and can be found every weekend at the ball park accompanied by one of bosses, Jim's Grandchildren, Dominic or Ameerah.


Dal Beggs

Dal Beggs is one of the most decorated players in the game of softball to date. He has been elected to countless All Tournament Teams in many different tournaments ranging from Qualifiers to World Series Tournaments. Dal has been a part of 19 World Series Championship Teams throughout his career. He has played with some of the best teams in the last 20 years. Team Resmondo, Dan Smith, and Team Synergy are a couple of the teams that he has played on. He was also honored with the ISA Major World Series MVP in 2004.
The teams that he played on managed to claim 5 ISA World Series Titles at the Major and Class A levels. Dal was selected to  the All Tournament Team in every one of these tournaments. There is no doubt that Dal Beggs is one of the best softball players to have ever played the game.


Brett Helmer

 Brett Helmer of Cicero, NY is one of the most decorated players in the sport of softball today. Over the years, Brett has played with some of the most competitive teams in the sport. Pierce Construction, Sojern/Specialty Tank/TPS, Hague/Wessel/TPS, Team Easton, Bell Corp., and Dan Smith are just to name a few. While playing, Brett has managed to claim 14 World Series Championships, is a 4 time National Batting Champion, and was named to 28 different All World Teams. He has also been named the Easton Bomb Squad Home Run Champion in 2004, and named the Long Haul Bombers Tour Champion in 2003, 2004, and 2007. In 2001, Brett was also named the ISA World Series MVP in Jordon, MN.
Today you can still find Brett hitting the long ball all over the U.S. He also continues to play in the ISA Winter Nationals as he does every year.


Alan Brown

 Alan began umpiring in 1976 and joined Georgia ISA in 1987. In 2005, he was appointed to the Georgia ISA Deputy UIC and has held that position to present. Throughout his career as an umpire, Alan has been recognized several times by ISA. In 2001 he was named Umpire of the Year, 2009 named the Southern Regional Umpire of the Year, and has even picked up a few awards for his efforts on the directing side of ISA.
Alan has been a part of over 13 World and National Tournaments and has officiated in over 6 states over the years.

Welcome To ISA

Welcome To ISA

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Florida Fastpitch Festival

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