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Mike Caldwell - Tournament Director


Derek Setzer - Tournament UIC


Scott Pittman - Asst. Tournament Director


Steve Lovvorn - Asst. Tournament Director




Friday morning we will start checking teams in at 9:00 am until 11:30 am - This will be the only time you will be able to look over your roster


The Luncheon will start at 12 NOON and we will go over the rules and then do the tournament draw for the tournament.


Each team can have 2 representatives at the luncheon


Location for this is:


HO Weeks Recreation Center


1700 Whiskey Rd


Aiken, SC  29801




Games will begin at 7:30 Friday night


First round will be Bronze


Second round will be Silver


Third round will be Bronze


We will use 4 fields Friday night


ALSO - on the 5th field Friday night we will have a.........


Home Run Derby


$15.00 to enter 


10 Hits / 13 Pitches


Supply your own bat and balls


(any bat and any 12” men’s ball can be used in the Home Run Derby)


Winner to Receive an EASTON BAT






Days Inn   803-649-5524


EconoLodge  803-649-3968


Fairfield Inn 803-648-7808


The Houndslake Guest House  803-648-9535


Hampton Inn   803-648-2525


Clarion Inn  803-648-0999


Howard Johnson  803-649-5000


Knights Inn  803-648-6821


Quality Inn  803-641-1100


Sleep Inn  803-644-9900


Town Place Suites  803-641-7373








Location – Aiken, South Carolina DATE: September 26th, 27th, 28th—all teams must be prepared to start play on Friday September 26thAWARDS – FIRST THRU FOURTH-INCLDE CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS FOR WINNERS, ALL OTHER AWARDS UPDATED IN THE NEAR FUTURE.Roster Rule: ALL ROSTERS ARE TO BE PRE SUBMITTED AND APPROVED. TO ENTER ROSTER ON LINE:ROSTER NEED TO BE ENTER ON LINE AND PPROVED BY STATE DIRECTORTeams must play in their State Tournament to advance to the ISA World SeriesOnline Roster EntryFirst Time user’s:
1. Visit
2. Click on the “Register for Account” link.
3. Fill in the info and click submit. Keep the username and password handy as it will be your log in for future use.
4. The system is going to send an email to the address you entered, open that email to verify the account by clicking on the link in the email.
5. Once the account is verified, add your team name and info by clicking on the plus sign and click submit. You can manage all of your teams from here
6. To add a roster, click on roster: Edit You MUST have the players first and last name and date of birth. Be sure to click the “active” button on each player you want to appear on the roster. When complete, scroll to the bottom and select continue, then select submit. To print the roster simply select print in the team panel.Already have an account online:
1. Go to
2. Log into the site using your username and password
3. Click on roster: Edit You MUST have the players first and last name and date of birth. Be sure to click the “active” button on each player you want to appear on the roster. When complete, scroll to the bottom and select continue, then select submit. To print the roster simply select print in the team panel.
HOTELS: TO BE ANNOUNCED.TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR:  MIKE CALDWELL-828-506-7610— This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




















                         Indiana Legends 65 70 Silver Division Champions




2014 ISA Senior World

The 2014 ISA Senior World Tournament was once again held in Columbus, Indiana. Not only has Columbus proven to have some of the best fields around, it also proves to pull a wide variety of teams from multiple states. This year, a total of 38 teams representing seven different states, as well as Canada, gathered to battle it out on the fields. All of the teams were fighting to claim a World title and also a berth to attend the Tournament of Champions which is held in Polk County, Florida each February.

The weather was perfect for the first two days of the event. However, on Sunday, heavy thunderstorms forced a change in the tournament format. Due to a late start and the weather calling for more thunderstorms throughout the day, the format was changed to a 1 pitch, 7 inning game with the 7th inning being the open inning. With teams eager to continue chasing after a world title, the first games started at 10am, thanks to the hard work and efforts of the Lincoln Park maintenance staff. The format change allowed all games to be played with the final games finishing around 3:30, which was about an hour before all of the afternoon thunderstorms hit.

Most tournaments go off with minor issues. Some can be a bigger nuisance than others, such as weather or major traffic jams. But then there are issues that no one wants, such as a major injury or even cardiac arrest. These issues are simply the biggest and worst situations you can come across at the ball field and Friday afternoon, that’s exactly what happened. The Indiana Legends faced one of the biggest obstacles a game could have. During a seeding game against Wright Ortho, one of their outfielders went down after a play that ended the inning. When asked if he was ok, the player fell to the ground clutching his chest.  911 was called immediately and within seconds a nurse/spectator and the Site Director, with the AED, arrived to assist him.  They found the player unconscious and without a pulse. Thanks to the AED and CPR, the player was revived on the field prior to the arrival of EMS. The player was alert when EMS took him to a nearby hospital. We are happy to report that he is home resting and doing well, according to his teammates.  A special thanks goes out to the “Nurse/Spectator” named Sonya (daughter of an Indiana Legends player), Site Director Melissa Maiel, and to the emergency response teams of Columbus. All had a hand in saving this players life!

50 Major Division: The 50 major division consisted of 3 teams, Polyviou Dental (MI), Southside 50 (KY), and the Brickyard Classis 50 (IN). These teams played 3 seed games into a double elimination bracket. Coming out of seed play, Brickyard took the #1 spot with Polyviou Dental sitting in the #2 spot and Southside 50 in the #3 spot. On Saturday, Southside and Polyviou kicked off the bracket with a 20-19 Southside victory. Southside continued on to play the #1 seeded Brickyard Classics and with a 24-20 final score, Southside knocked the #1 seeded team into the losers’ bracket. The Brickyard Classics knocked Polyviou Dental out of the tournament to force a rematch against Southside for the championship. In the end, Southside claimed the 2014 title with a 24-23 victory over the Brickyard Classics.

50 AAA Division: The 50 AAA division was the largest division in the tournament with a total of 8 teams. These teams played a 2 seed into a double elimination bracket. All 8 teams kicked off the bracket at 11 am on Saturday with victory’s being awarded to WC Thunder (IL), Dayton Legends/Hitmen (OH), Pope Transport (WI) and Team 050 (IL) who knocked the #1 seeded team to the losers bracket. Pope Transport fought their way through 2 more games of the winners’ bracket to take their place in the championship game. The other seven teams were forced to fight their way through the losers’ bracket. After battling through 4 games, the Dayton Legends Hitmen forced a rematch against Pope Transport in the championship game. But the bats of Pope Transport were too hot and they claimed their championship with a 24-19 victory.

55 Major Division: The 55 Major division was home to 4 teams that played a 3 seed format into a double elimination tournament. On Saturday Old Style/Windy City (IL) faced Banker and Mann Softball (IN) with Old Style winning 19-17. Six Pac (KY) faced Kinnco Services (MI) with Kinnco winning 22-14. Banker and Mann battled their way through the losers’ bracket to face Kinnco for the championship. With a final score of 19-12, Kinnco claimed their world title.

55 AAA Division: A total of 5 teams played a 2 seed double elimination tournament. At noon on Saturday, Antique Roadshow (IN) knocked the Dayton Legends 55’s (OH) into the losers’ bracket with a score of 18-10. BSN/DeClaire/PMB (MI) knocked the Milwaukee Merchants (WI) into the losers’ bracket with a score of 23-22. The Central Illinois Chiefs knocked Antique Roadshow into the losers’ bracket with a score of 22-21 to advance to the winner bracket final were they faced BSN. The Chiefs won with a score of 29-21 to advance to the championship game. The Milwaukee Merchants fought their way through the losers’ bracket all the way to the championship game. With a score of 24-15, the Central Illinois Chiefs claimed their victory.

60 Major Division: A total of 2 teams played 3 seed games mixed with the 55 AAA, and then broke out into a best of 3 bracket. The Indiana Legends 60’s won the first match up against Jim & Joe’s Icemen (KY) with a score of 16-14. The second game, also the championship game, was won with a score of 25-9 by Indiana Legends 60 giving them their 2014 title.

60/65 Gold Division: A total of 5 teams played a 2 seed into a double elimination bracket. Indy Fog faced off against American Scaffolding (OH) and lost with a score of 25-16. The DeClaire Knee/Ortho (MI) faced off against the Dayton Legends 60’s (OH) and won with a score of 19-14. American Scaffolding advanced to face the #1 seeded Brickyard Classics (IN) where they knocked off the #1 seed with a score of 19-2 to advance to the winner bracket final. With a score of 17-16, DeClaire Knee took their spot in the championship game over American Scaffolding. But American Scaffolding wasn’t done yet. They managed to knock off the Dayton Legends (12-11) to advance to the championship game. With the championship game underway, American Scaffolding beat DeClaire Knee 20-7 to force the “IF” game. But in the end, DeClaire Knee claimed the title with a 16-10 win over American Scaffolding.

65/70 Gold Division: The 65/70 Gold division was the second largest division in the tournament drawing a total of 7 teams. Teams played in a 2 seed double elimination bracket. US Jobs/Indy 65’s (IN) kicked off the bracket with a win over Mid State Seniors 65 (IL) 16-12. Jim & Joe’s Ice 65’s (KY) took the second win of the bracket with a score of 24-23 over Chicago Strikers. US Jobs then faced the #1 seeded Windsor Chiefs (Canada). Windsor took the win with a score of 26-20. Jim & Joe’s faced the #2 seeded Michaels/Libbys 70 (WI) where they lost 23-22. Windsor faced Michaels in the winners’ bracket final and won with a score of 24-22 to take their spot in the championship game. US Jobs dominated the losers’ bracket fighting all the way back to the championship game knocking off Mid State (14-13) and Michaels to claim their spot in the championship game against the Windsor Chiefs. US Jobs beat Windsor 17-13 to force the “IF” game but fell short of the championship title when the Windsor Chiefs took the “IF” game 21-17.

65/70 Silver Division: A total of 6 teams gathered to play a 2 seed into a double elimination bracket. In the first round of bracket play, Kentuckiana (KY) beat Wright State Ortho (OH) with a score of 22-21. The Dayton Legends 65’s (OH) beat the Chicago Gray Sox (IL) 25-19. Kentuckiana advanced to face the #1 seeded Indiana Legends 65’s but fell short with a Indiana win of 16-15. The Indiana Legends faced Dayton Legends in the winner bracket final and with a score of 20-10; Indiana claimed their spot in the championship game. Kentuckiana fought their way through the losers’ bracket until they met up with the Dayton Legends who put them out of the tournament with a score of 29-23, claiming their spot in the championship game and forcing a rematch against the Indiana Legends. However, the Indiana Legends beat Dayton with a score of 19-9 to claim the victory and the 2014 title.

In the end, the tournament proved to be a world class event. A total of 121 games filled Columbus, IN over a three day period bringing in 38 teams from 7 states and Canada. The games were some of the best senior ball has to offer with 16 one run ball games, 26 two run ball games, and 31 games that ended with a 3 run differential or less. Again, this proves that Columbus and ball go hand in hand.

We would like to thank all of the teams that participated in the event and send a special thanks to the Columbus Convention and Visitors Bureau and to the staff of Lincoln Park who kept the park and fields at a level of perfection throughout the tournament. We also wish a speedy recovery to all players, especially the gentleman from the Indiana Legends. Thank you to all for making this event one of the best!


Pope Transport 50AAA Champions                                                  

                                        Pope Transport 50AAA Champions 

 South Side 50 Major Champions

                                            South Side 50 Major Champions               


                                 Indiana Legends 60 Major Champions

 Windsor Chiefs 6570 Gold Division Champion

                                        Windsor Chiefs 65 70 Gold Division Champions

 Central Illinois Chiefs 55AAA CHAMPIONS

                                                         Central Illinois Chiefs 55AAA Champions


Location - Diamondplex, Auburndale, and Loyce Harpe Park

Men's Gold & Silver               January 24-26               Contact Robert Scott to enter
Seniors - All Divisions             March 1st - 2nd             Contact Jerry Jackson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Women's and Co-ed             (W) March 1st, (C) March 2nd  Contact Robert Scott to enter

On January 17th and 24th there will be a skills contest (Homerun, Base Running, Pitching) with awards. Also, free pizza, beer and sodas.

On March 1st, the skills contest will take place during the tournament.

Deadlines: All rosters must be submitted pnline no later than the Monday prior to the event.

Tournament is a 3 game garuntee and each game will have 2 umpires.

Entry is $325 + $30 sanctioning fee if not yet sanctioned in 2014.