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Team sanctions and compliance:

All teams sanctions are based on the managers home address if at least 51% of the players are from that state. Otherwise the team will be classified and regulated by the State Director that the majority of the players are from. Teams can play in another state but their roster will be regulated by the state that the team is from. Teams can play in another state, but under no circumstances be allowed to play in an out of home state, State Tournament. They must play in the State Tournament where 51% of the players are from. Also if a team plans on going to the Regional or World Series they must play in the required tournaments set aside from their home state. If your not sure, contact Hank Heffner for clarification

If the home state does not offer the teams classification, then a team may play in another State tournament with approval from Region Director.

All rosters will be reviewed by a committee, before any team can play in a State, Regional or World Series.


ISA Team Registration and Sanction - 5 Easy Steps!!!

The process is simple and can be done in (5) easy steps.

1. Register for a Team Manager login account: Click Here

2. Login to the website:

3. Once logged in, click on the Team Manager Control Panel (Top Control Panel Menu).

4. In Team Control Panel, click Edit next to Manager to enter the contact info.  Then click Add team to enter team information.

5. Click on the Sanction button for that team. (You will be directed to a shopping cart).

Upon confirmation of successful payment, you will receive an email with the awarded sanction.  Next time you login, the sanction number will appear next to your team(s).

Feel free to browse for tournaments.  You can register for them by clicking on the More Info / Register link next to the one of your choice.